Reasons behind a dog’s chewing behaviour

Barking, digging, rolling in mud, scratching and chewing are some of a dog’s innate behavior. Dogs are well loved pets. It would not be surprising given the significant influence these animals made on the quality of humans lives. However, it cannot be denied that some of the unwanted behaviors of the pet would make an owner want to leave the pet to a rescue center. A dog’s chewing habit that has become destructive would naturally be a cause for concern. For sure, an owner would not want to keep on replacing the rugs or the furniture in the home.

It is natural for dogs to chew. At three months, puppies would start chewing to try the strength of their teeth . Nature has not provided dogs with hands thus the mouth and the teeth are used by puppies to explore their environment . Chewing things is the only way by which puppies satisfy their curiosity about their new world . The propensity to chew worsens when the puppies start to teeth. Teethers are commonly given to teething babies to lessen the pain and to strengthen the gums. Puppies that are not provided with chew toys would find their own teethers to manage their teething pains. This indiscriminate chewing can have dangerous results. A dog that has been chewing can swallow an object that can create a life threatening blockage. The chewing habit of puppies can be managed as it would be an easy matter to confine a small dog and provide it with harmless chew toys. The tendency to chew is generally outgrown by most puppies.

An issue that concerns most pet owners is when a mature well behaved dog develops a destructive chewing habit. There must be a reason why the dog has suddenly gone destructive. Boredom, loneliness, inactivity are the most common causes of destructive chewing. Finding out what makes your dog chew is only the beginning. It is just as important to know what to do when it chews. A dog is a social animal. A cat would be contented to laze on the window sill all day but not a dog. It is necessary for a dog to have someone to interact with. Naturally, dogs would not know the value of things. A dog craving for the company of its favorite person would make do with a shoe that has the person’s lingering scent. A dog would require opportunities where it can expend its excess energies. Confining the dog inside the home without toys or playmates would not be a good idea as the pet would find its own source of enjoyment.

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