Should my new puppy sleep with my other dog?

My husband and I just bought a new miniature schnauzer puppy so that our other schnauzer has someone else to play with. Our older dog is a 8 month old male and the new puppy is a 7 week old female. Is it safe to leave them by themselves together and sleep together at night so the new puppy doesn’t cry?

Also my male dog isn’t fixed yet, so I’m not sure if he’ll try to mate with the little puppy even though she’s only 7 weeks old. Any advice?

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  • Schnoodle_Mom88

    I would not leave them alone together. She is far too young and too small to be able to put up with an older male. He could also become defensive of his territory and you wouldn’t be there to stop any fights or accidents.

    They should be in separate crates, although the crates can be in the same room, while they are being potty trained and while they get used to one another. Once they are older, potty trained, and you know for sure that they get along then they may be able to share a large crate or a blocked off bathroom.

  • ilovebulldogs

    no just like you wouldn’t leave your 7 week old baby with your 8 month old..puppies are no different than children the need supervision there are to many things they can get into while you are not watching.

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