Simple Methods To Cure Dog Separation Anxiety

It is at times difficult to understand that your dog has entered into a separation anxiety. In fact, it is for the master to realize, what all factors should be avoided and encouraged when having such an ordeal.

– Ensure that you do not excite your dog before san diego dog training leaving the house. This is because at the slightest affection and care that you show at that time will make him miss you terribly. Hence avoid such interactions before leaving.

-Take your dog for a walk outside. Play with him and insist him to indulge into games and activities. This will make him consume the energy within. So when later on in the day when you leave him alone he would like to take some rest rather than mess things around.

– Give him a treat whenever you return back. This will make him wait for you rather than get depressed of your departure. However do not reward him if he waits quietly and does not upset things.

– Pretend to get dressed and then retire to a couch to watch T.V or read a book. Repeat it for a number of times. He may whine and cry at first but when exposed to such situations regularly, your dog will understand that you are not leaving him alone at home.

– Purchase some dog toys for your pet so that he can spend his day at home playing with them. This way he will not brood over your departure.

– Do not scold your pet if he barks incessantly on watching you move out of the house. Never acknowledge his cries. Make him feel that everything’s normal and you’ll be back in a while.

Teach your dog to react to some basic commands like “sit”, “lie”, “jump” and more. Then ask him to sit patiently and reward him with a treat if he does so.

There are certain common symptoms that will help analyze why pets essentially become depressed when alone.

– If your dog becomes extremely irritable and barks at the slightest sound of your car keys or the door, then possibly there’s something amiss with him.

– If all of a sudden your pet starts to destroy things in the house in your absence.

– If they bark incessantly on your return.

Remember your dog is an animal that requires constant affection. If he gets accustomed than your absence may make him depressed. Try not to leave your dog alone for a long time. If at all, the pet is alone at home then ensure that there are no inflammable substances which might cause harm to the animal. On returning back never san diego dog training pamper him too much or make him understand that you missed him. This will only increase the problem of dog separation anxietywhen you leave your pet alone the next time. In fact, a suitable professional trainer can make him learn how to be disciplined in the absence of the master. Make sure that your pet indulges into outdoor activities often.

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