Some Golden Retriever Information You Really Have to Know

You have probably seen a beautiful hairy dog that seems to be everywhere man is. It is doing some task and seems very happy doing it. It is a golden retriever, and, although many of us know just about this concerning it, read on for some more golden retriever information.

The golden retriever has its origins in Scotland. It was first bred during the late 1800s by a British aristocrat who wanted the ultimate hunting dog. The dog was to be good at scenting, easy to train, energetic, friendly and intelligent among other characteristics. This led to cross breeding with other different breeds to come up with the golden retriever we know today.

The traits the golden retriever therefore come from other breeds, mixed and put into one. This makes it more than a hunting dog. It is a great family pet, a great guide dog, amazing search and rescue dog as well as a great drug and illegal firearms detector.

Breeding of the golden retriever required standards be set to determine what it should really look like. The main standard setters are the American kennel club and the European kennel club in the United States and Europe (rest of the world) respectively.

The standards set by both clubs vary a little bit but check the same characteristics in the dog. These characteristics include color, height, head and facial characteristics, body characteristics among others. These are the main ways of differentiating a golden retriever from not only another breed but another golden retriever type.

There are also some golden retrievers which do not meet the set standards; these usually do not win in shows held by the clubs. This should not discourage you, as long as your golden retriever meets your standards then they are always winners.

A golden retriever should live for well over 14 years. Their lifespan however has been shortened by poor breeding. This has led to genetic defects being passed down through generations resulting to deaths as early as 2 years.

Another reason for the early death in golden retrievers is disease. Unfortunately, these dogs are one of those which are highly overcome by diseases. Diseases like cancer and canine hip dysplasia can occur. Other diseases include heart disease, eye diseases and idiopathic seizures.

It is upon the breeders to ensure that all parents’ histories are first checked to reduce the chances of breeding defective puppies. This is the reason why as a golden retriever owner, you are advised on finding out as much as you can about your dogs history. This will reduce the visits to the vet while ensuring you have a long life spent together.

Golden retrievers love exercising and attending to their owners needs. They therefore need a lot of attention from you. Keeping them occupied is necessary to avoid mischief. Being highly intelligent animals, they can be easily trained to follow instructions.

Owning a golden retriever can be a rewarding experience both for you and your dog. The first thing you should do before getting one is find as much golden retriever information as you can.

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