Stop Your Puppy Eating so fast

ok So why do puppies eat so fast. ?
Well depending on the age of your puppy we must remember that when it is in the litter there is lots of competition to get food and the fastest gets the food first. Its an early habit that the puppy will develop. Get that food down before anyone else gets it .
It is natural for puppies to eat too fast and when that bowl of food is put on the floor its like the puppy is seeing its last bowl of food.

However as you can imagine it is better for his/her health if she doesn’t gobble up her food. Dogs or puppies who eat too much or too quickly are at risk of developing bloat, or even worse, gastric dilation-volvulus. Bloat is when a dog’s stomach fills with air, fluid or food, and this increase of air puts added pressure on other organs. This pressure can cause difficult breathing and in a worse case scenario it may decrease the blood supply to a dog’s vital organs.

GDV is a more serious condition in which the dog’s stomach distorts or twists. Even with immediate treatment, between 25 to 40 % of dogs with GDV die. GDV is more likely to strike dogs who are large in size and have deep chests

Ok so how do we handle this problem of eating too fast?

Some ideas are below.

Take away your dog’s bowl and hand-feed.
• Feed your dog several small meals, rather than one or two larger ones, throughout the day.
• If appropriate (check with your vet), include canned food in your dog’s diet.
• Maintain your dog’s appropriate weight.
• Avoid feeding your dog from a raised bowl unless advised to do so by your vet.
• Limit rigorous exercise before and after meals.





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