The Best Dog Food Varies From Dog To Dog

When you walk down the aisles looking for dog food, you are going to come across a wide range that is available in pet stores and supermarkets today. Choosing the best dog food can be an extremely difficult process as we all want the best for our dog. If you are like us, then you think of your dog as not only a pet, but a best friend as well as a member of your family. Many veterinarians are faced with questions about the best dog food. So, what is the best? Honestly, there is no true answer or definition.

That’s right, there is no one best food that is suitable for all dogs. However, you will be able to narrow that answer down by taking a close look at your dog. You see, dogs are a lot like people. Some of them are very active to the point that they have been labeled “hyper.” Then, you have other dogs that are build big and tough like the wonderful pit bull, while you have others that are small and not so tough.

Each dog will need to have a diet tailored specifically to their physical needs. You will need to really understand your pet and what he or she is in need of. First, the raw materials that are used in order to provide the nutritional value is something that you need to look into.

You are going to notice that those commercial dog foods are either meat-based or grain-based. Many experts will agree that in order to maintain a dogs good health, you should choose a diet that is based on meat.

Why choose a meat-based diet for the dog? Well, the dogs digestive system can easily extract the nutrient value from this type of food. Protein is a necessary component in order to keep dogs healthy. Those meat based foods are high in protein. Some of those foods are produced from fish, beef, lamb, turkey and venison. You have many in the field that feel that chicken-based dog food would be the best choice.

As you see, there is no such thing as one best brand of dog food for all dogs. Why? Because you just learned that each and every dogs nutritional needs are different. In order to determine the best food for your dog, we highly recommend you taking a look at your dog as well as the nutritional needs.

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