The Best Way to Groom a Golden Retriever

For every dog owner, taking good care of their dog is their topmost priority. For people who are interested in owning a beautiful golden retriever, then the best place to find one of these gorgeous dogs is through a breeder or a golden retriever puppy adoption agency.

In order to keep your dog happy and healthy, there are a number of things that a dog owner must consider. Feeding your dog a good, healthy diet, taking him for regular walks and providing him with at least a minimum of obedience training, are necessary to maintain your dog’s health properly.

Your dog also needs to be properly groomed in order to stay fit and healthy. Grooming isn’t just important for your dog’s wellbeing, it also makes your dog look great.

The different breeds of dogs all have unique grooming needs. It’s important to understand the needs of your particular dog in order to give him the best grooming possible. There is a fair bit of difference between grooming, say, an Alsatian and grooming a Golden Retriever, due to the differences in their coats.

Golden Retrievers shed routinely; they have a long thick top coat, and a thick, dense undercoat that is quite resistant to water.

Grooming for golden retrievers is a continual process. There are certain tips that you can follow for the proper grooming of your much loved golden retriever, which will help you to improve your pet’s appearance. If you follow these tips you’ll ensure that your furry friend has a healthy, glossy coat.

In order to completely groom your golden retriever, you’ll need to clean his ears and eyes, as well as regularly brush to coat and trim his nails when necessary. The whole grooming procedure requires lot of patience and time; if you love your pet dearly, then devoting an hour, twice weekly must not be a difficult task for you.

Grooming the Dog’s Coat

Brushing your Golden retriever poodle mix coat regularly is important to remove any loose fur, as well as removing and loosening any trapped dirt. Always use a good quality hairbrush and gently apply it on your dog’s coat. If you brush your dog’s coat daily, then you will prevent your dog from having excessive hair fall.

You should always brush from the head and towards the tail, which follows the growth of the fur. When grooming, don’t forget to brush the fur under the tail, the back of the legs and around the ears.
Also, while combing, look for ticks and fleas and also carefully check for symptoms of skin infections. Maintain proper cleanliness or else poor hygiene can cause serious skin problems and allergies.

Washing Your Dog

Ticks and fleas can’t proliferate as easily in dogs that are bathed frequently.  To minimize shedding and reduce allergy risk, it’s important to bathe your dog correctly. A good bathe will help remove dirt, will get rid of fleas, and prevent the spread of any skin infection.

When bathing, use warm water that isn’t too hot, and use a shampoo specifically for dogs. Bathing makes a dog feel rejuvenated and brings a shine to its coat.

It’s essential for all dog lovers to regularly care for their furry friends. To keep your dog healthy, having her looking great, and prevent unnecessary disease, it’s absolutely crucial to ensure she gets a regular grooming session.

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