The top 10 things you need for your new dog

Congrats on your new puppy! If you’ve never owned a dog before, this article will let you know all about the vital things your new pup needs.

1) A name – At the top of the list (if she or he doesn’t already have one) is a name. For some suggestions and inspiration, check out this site for some wonderful male dog names and female dog names.

2) A crate or cage – A crate is a solidly built container mainly used to safely transport and contain your puppy. It should be large enough for your canine to fully stand up and turn themselves around in.  A number of people use a crate or cage to train their puppies and to accommodate their dogs with a region  that is their personal space.

3) A dog collar, tag and leash – these three things are necessary for safety and identification.  Make sure that a tag or other form of identification (bearing your name, current residence and phone number) is firmly fastened to your dog’s collar so that if your dog runs away, it can be brought back to you.  Also, for safety reasons, don’t walk your pooch without a leash. Leashes come in a mixture of designs, including retractable leashes or ones that have lights on them for walking in the nighttime.

4) Dog food – many dog foods are made with low grade ingredients and fillers with low or no nutrients. If you would like your dog to live a long, blissful life (and if you want to save on unnecessary veterinary bills), make sure that you feed him or her a high grade of dog food!  Check out this article to educate yourself about dog food ingredients and find out how you can get top quality food at low prices.

5) Water and food bowls – you can find them in all shapes and sizes. Separate water and food bowls are easier to fill than ones that are connected. Some are even electronically operated so that your pup can be fed even if you’re not at home.  Use your lifestyle and budget to influence your choice.  A must is to ALWAYS leave your canine with a way to get plenty of fresh water.

6) Dog treats and chews – canines love to chew (especially puppies) so it’s a good idea to give them something to chew on besides your shoes and other personal items.   There are plenty of options – rawhide, freeze-dried meat and dental dog treats (like Greenies) are just some of them.

7) Dog brush – keep your canine looking good and prevent shedding by brushing them a few times a week.  For problem shedders, products like the FURminator deshedding tool are really great at minimizing the amount of hair your dog leaves around the house.  

8) Flea and tick treatments – if you want to keep your home clear of fleas and ticks (and who doesn’t) it’s not a bad idea to treat your puppy with a product that kills and repels for up to 30 days (such as those made by Frontline) or to use a dog collar that repels pests as well.

9) Dog bed – a dog bed will help your dog sleep comfortably and also provide her with an area in your home that is their very own place. (It might also prevent them from trying to get onto your own bed!)

10) Dog toys – like dog treats and chews, dog toys will help prevent your dog from chewing the things you don’t want chewed!   They’re also a great way to play with and exercise your pup, which helps put an end to problem behaviors.  Try to find items that you can play fetch with or that will keep your dog stimulated like the KONG dog toy that bounces in various directions.

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