Train Your Bird Dog With Either a Bird Launcher or Bumper Launcher

Training your bird dogs to hunt, whether it’s for flushing, pointing, or retrieving, there are great tools at your disposal.  Bird and Dummy Launchers are available with remote control devices that can be used together or separately to fill your training needs.

Remote Bird and Dummy Launchers

With both dummy launchers and bird launchers, a remote control can be used to train your dog without the need of an assistant. At one time, there was no remote control, meaning you would always need another person to help with the training which almost always leads to a distracted dog. 

Other extras with bird launchers include bird calls, sounds, and beeps that can be used to train your dog in field craft and hunting.  Which kind of launcher (bird or dummy) will depend on the specific type of training you are doing with your dog.  Your goal is to make an effective and confident hunting companion and launchers can be an essential tool towards this goal.

Remote Bumper Launchers

This is your secret weapon in teaching your dog to learn to retrieve came. The dummy launcher is for those who work alone and you allow you to launch your dummies at a height and distance that is far greater than throwing it yourself.  This allows your dog to learn to retrieve game that is further away.  This is especially helpful when you consider that if you were using hand launching followed by shooting; your dog would become accustomed to fetching game at close distances.  One of the best features of the remote launchers is that you can use the accompanying sounds to train your dog to react as if he were hunting actual game (ducks, pheasant, etc.). 

Bird Launcher

For training pointing or flushing dogs, bird launchers will work perfectly. A great benefit to bird launchers is that you can actually set it up to launch multiple birds to simulate real hunting. The good thing is, dogs are bred to hunt so your main focus is to train your dog to respect another dog’s point, as well as flush out birds. A bird launcher will give you a good shot at achieving this type of training. Trainers of pointing dogs have been successful in using these for years now, and even those who train flushing dogs are starting to use these tools more often. Because a bird launcher is designed with a spring latch which will release prey fairly low, it can quickly help your dog learn the skills needed for hunting quail as well as pheasant. 

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