Treating Ringworm Dog

Do you own pets like dogs at home? You can make sure or watch if your dog is scratching more than normal. Perhaps your dog has already been infected by Ringworm fungus. The Ringworm dog is a type of Ringworm fungus that usually hits dogs and other kinds of animals. Your dog can be a victim of this Ringworm fungus through direct contact with other pets that are suspected carrier of Ringworm fungus. This is how this fungus can be transferred. Through direct contact with individuals or animals that are carrier of this fungi or through direct contact with surfaces or objects that are infected by people or animals touched. It can be passed on from animals to animals or from animal to people and vice versa.

What are the advised treatments for Ringworm?

There are few treatments that are known to cure Ringworm dog. Studies have discovered that fungus-killing medicine can help kill Ringworm dog. The prescribed medication or treatment strategy that can be applied will depend on the intensity of the contamination, how many pets are included, if there are young kids in the household. It will be to sanitize your pet’s environment. Always think about asking first your veterinarian to know the level of the infection before doing the advised treatments below.

Griseofulvin. This is a kind of tablet prescribed for your dog on daily basis in treating Ringworm dog fungus. See to it that you do this for 30 days. These tablets are normally not absorbed by the abdomen if the stomach has no fats. So, make certain that before offering this tablet to your pet, you need to nourish him with a fat enriched diet to build fat in the stomach so that it can be effective. If there is no accomplishment in this method, please seek hep from a veterinarian.

There is also the Topical antifungal medication. You can usually find these drugs in the market through your vet. Do this medication on a daily basis for 10 days and apply this directly on the infected area. When the infected area is next to the eye, please get rid of the risk getting it in the eye of your dog.

Antifungal shampoo & Lime sulphur dip. Bathe your pet with this antifungal shampoo 3 times every week. These baths are very significant to eradicate or eliminate the increase of these spores to keep away from the risk of re-exposing your dog to the affected environment. The application of this lime sulfur dip should be performed two times a week for the first two weeks, then only once per week for the next 4-6 weeks that follows. You can also use this method to your uninfected pets to avoid them from being hit by the fungus. Use hand gloves when doing the dip, this has an offensive odour and can discolour jewellery. This is a successful form of cure as well.  

If these treatments won’t work on your dogs, then ring up or see personally your veterinarian for more instructions and check ups.

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