Tricks For Training Your Puppy

You may have acquired the puppy that you have always wanted. Now you are thinking of playing with it all day and just enjoying each other’s company. These are some of the reasons why dogs are called man’s best friend. They can keep you company all day long without complaining. However, your puppy should also learn some things that it needs when you want it to stay inside your home. Puppy training is important to teach the puppy on proper things to do during inside your house and outside too. The following are some puppy training advice tips to help you out.

First of all, you should keep in mind that puppy training is not as simple as teaching a kid a nursery rhyme. It may suprise you how difficult it can be. It seems obvious but your pet isn’t a human being that you are teaching. Therefore, tons of patience is needed in this puppy training. You can take some puppy training advice from experts, pet shops or research to make the puppy training more reliable.

Being playful, nipping, biting, barking, jumping around and aggression are just some of the behaviors that you are going to have to handle during your training. You need to have a certain plan on how to make your puppy follow your words. The best dog training advice you can get is to take one lesson at a time. If you would like your puppy to learn to sit when you say ‘sit’, then focus on that first. Then go on to the next lesson after your puppy has gotten that lesson down.Having a better relationship with your puppy is an added benefit to the training. This is the time for bonding and simply spending time with each other. Don’t forget that it is also a time to have fun with your puppy!. And this makes your puppy feel that he is part of your family. The training will also establish respect between you and your pet.

In training your puppy, you may need some tools to make him follow and be disciplined especially during the training like collars and treats. The collar is not a way for you to hold on to your pet and drag him around, so please don’t think of it as such. This will just make him stay so that it can focus on the lesson you are teaching. Or when the training is going on you can remove the collar from him.. When the puppy completes the lesson in the manner you want him to, giving him a treat is an effective training method of reenforcing good behavior. He will expect a treat from you everytime you command him to do something so he will continue to do the trick. Light food or dog biscuits work especially well for this.

Start while they are young. It will grow into a well disciplined dog if you start your training as soon as you get the puppy. It will get used to your commands quicker if you start when it is young. As your puppy gets older the training will help teach it discipline.

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