What age can you start using flea shampoo on a puppy?

my puppy is 3 months is this too young?

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  • ♥Golden gal♥

    Flea shampoo is worthless. Get some frontline for puppies and used it. It will kill all the fleas for a month.
    Make sure you get the right one for the pups weight then just apply it between the shoulder blades!

    ADD: Please do not use anything made by Hartz or by any other company you can by at a grocery store. Especially Bio Spot. These products have been know to make pups very sick and sometimes cause death!
    Go to PetCo or PetsMart or a good pet store and find the Front line or Advantix

  • mandi_k98

    Usually the puppy shampoo says 12 weeks.

  • rescue member

    Flea shampoo is useless to begin with, so are collars, sprays, etc. – they only get rid of some adult fleas.

    You need to put a topical liquid like Frontline or Advantage (no cheap Harz stuff) on the back of your pup’s neck every single month – that prevents fleas, their eggs and their larvea.
    It is the only thing that works.

    Ask your vet at what age you can apply these products – or read what the package says.

  • I'm $erious

    I would guess around 2 months or so.

  • Miss Cream

    Flea shampoo does not work! Its pointless, it will not break the flea cycle for the fleas that are in your house. It will kill the fleas on your dog bu that’s only temporary. You need to get a flea medication from your vet!

  • pitbull girl

    I agree with Golden gal. Flea shampoos don’t do squat. Get your pup started on Frntline. That covers fleas and ticks for a whole month. And it’s a lot easier to put that on than bathe your pup. Like Golden Gal said- make sure to get the right size and apply between shoulder blades.

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