What are the things you need to do before getting a puppy?

We are getting a puppy soon and are wondering what things you need to do before getting one!

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  • Jewelybear

    good food not crappy cheap food
    seatbealt for the car
    a crate for potty training
    treats for training
    poop bags and lots of them
    frontline or advantix
    heart worm pills
    food and water bowls-stainless steel
    nail trimmers
    soft toothbrush and enzamatic toothpaste which you can find at any petstore
    good luck and remember a tired puppy is a good puppy! walk it everyday!!!

  • gotswagga

    Nothing major.

    Make sure you have food and water bowls, FOOD to go into the bowl, a leash and, unless you want puppy chewing up your stuff, you better get toys.

    The BIGGEST thing of all is to make sure you or someone in your family, have TIME for a puppy.

  • Trisha S

    Here’s what you’ll need:
    * crate
    * food and water bowls
    * maybe some treats for training
    * collar and leash
    * bed
    * toys, especially chew toys
    * stain- and odor-removing cleaners
    * possibly some baby gates to block off sections of your house

    Check this link for more info.

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