What Does Foaming at the Mouth Mean for My Dogs?


Dogs can foam at the mouth, but it would not necessarily signify that your adorable family pet has rabies!


When you see foaming at the mouth in your dog, the perfect thing you can do is to look into what could be causing it. Once you have specified the cause, you can take action to tackle the condition as soon as potential.

 Sometimes owners panic when their dog is foaming in the mouth and they just do not know how to manage it. The only logical reason they can think of is Rabies. Let me assure you that it is not often the case and Rabies is a fairly rare condition in the western world. So your dog foaming at the mouth is usually  attributable to something else.

So what are the reasons?

One of the most common reasons of foaming is exertion. Too much working out or running around can induce dogs to develop foaming.

This is because dogs cool their bodies through panting and when they are overly heated then they could begin to foam at the mouth. There are other causes of foaming at the mouth and this involves a bad taste in the mouth.

Foaming at the mouth also can be caused by a nervous reaction where saliva production is increased.

Poisoning is also a potential reasons and so are Gastrointestinal and Respiratory Issues.

This can consist of trouble breathing and trouble swallowing, which can cause the build up of drool on the mouth.

Oral health problems and poisoning might also cause the problem.

Look for other indications that will likely be accompanying the foaming at the mouth for the dogs.

If rabies is to be sure suspected, it would most certainly be accompanied with some signs and symptoms like behavioral changes and unexplained violence. Although rabies can be dormant in a dog for years, there is a chance that the symptoms follow events where the pet dog has come in contact with other animals.

 If you are very nervous about rabies, you ought to do what you can to put a stop to the condition from happening.

Rabies shots should be given on a yearly basis. Some local plans even hand out free vaccinations for animal owners.

Preventing rabies with vaccines is not only likely to help you, it can even protect your family pet and other people who may be in contact with your family pet.



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