What does it mean when my dog sleeps on its back?

Dog owners would always be exposed to the quirky sleeping behaviors of the pet. Dogs, unlike other animals that would simply lie down to sleep, would have to circle the sleeping area before lying down and then would take a curled up position to sleep. However, some dogs would lie on their side; others would sleep on their stomach with all the legs stretch out. Dogs that take on the flying squirrel position when sleeping will be an amusing sight.

Dog owners would certainly be amused if the dog sleeps on its back with the legs up in the air like an upended table. Without a doubt, this sleeping position would be the funniest most especially if the dog is dreaming of running and making pedaling motions with its legs.

Dogs have been the most valued companions of man because of the way these animals have closely bonded with its human friends. Dogs would always want to amuse its human family thus it is not surprising if the dog would want to provide the family with something to laugh at even if it is sleeping. A sleeping dog that takes on the over turned table position would be a cause of high spirits in the family.

However, this sleeping position does have other meanings. Dogs commonly sleep lying on their back when the weather is hot as by doing so, the belly that is less covered with fur is exposed to cooler air. Dogs do not have a very efficient cooling system as their very few sweat glands are mostly located on the pads of the feet. This is why during hot weather, dogs are seen panting to keep cool. By sleeping on its back the belly that is exposed to colder air would also cool the body.

This sleeping position can be a sign of the dog’s affectionate nature. Dogs would always want to be cuddled and kissed by its family and it is certainly hard to resist the temptation of patting a dog that is sleeping on its back with all the legs up in the air. A dog sleeping on its back is certainly a wise one as this is considered to be the most comfortable sleeping position. Dogs would only assume this sleeping position when they feel safe and secure. Dogs that sleep outside the home will not be seen sleeping on their back. Dogs that sleep outdoors are all curled up. This way the vital parts of the dog are protected from potential harm that can be caused by the dog’s enemies.

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