What encourages a dog to dig holes

A pet owner would be annoyed by the dog’s habit of digging holes. An owner has to live with this destructive behavior because digging, like chewing and barking is a natural behavior of dogs. All dogs dig. Of course dogs are not aware that digging holes will make the master angry thus the pet that is always eager to please would rearrange the landscaping and would meet the master with a very proud look on its face.

The affectionate pet would think that it has helped the master with the gardening chore. We love our pets but surely we do not love their destructive behaviors. This problem can be prevented by keeping the dog on a leash but as it is customary for dog owners to want the dog around this would not be a very good option. What about recognizing the reasons why the dog digs? This can be a more effective way to deal with the dog’s unwanted behavior.

Boredom, as always would be on top of the list why dogs dig. Most of the undesirable behaviors of dogs were developed because of boredom. Dogs are not only energetic, they are social animals too. Being energetic and social animals, dogs will develop the destructive habit of digging holes if not allowed to let off steam or not given opportunities to bond with the family.

Dogs would always want to receive attention from the family but because of tight schedules, pet owners may not have the time to bond with the pet thus the destructive digging behavior will be developed. In the eyes of the dog, the reprimands of an angry master would be more acceptable than being ignored. Another reason why dogs dig holes is to break away from confinement. Dogs have the inclination to roam. Dogs will be curious of the sounds and scents on the other side of the fence. The dog will dig tunnels under the fence to get to the other side.

Digging is fun for the dog. Dogs are often seen digging when the weather is hot. Lying on a newly dug hole will cool the dog’s heated body. In the wild dogs have another purpose for digging holes – to store food. The dog would dig holes to be used for storage purposes not unlike the way we store food in refrigerators. Dogs are really intelligent animals as they would dig holes to bury bones and other food in preparation for lean days.

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