What is usually the price that veternarians charge for checkup after u have gotten a new puppy from a breeder?

I am getting a new puppy and one thing I want to know is that how much do veternarians charge for vaccinations and stuff when you first get a puppy. Im getting my puppy from a breeder and she has already had the puppy veternarian checked and microchipped. I know there are a lot more costs and that I have to go to the breeder to vet get vaccines and such.

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  • Jessica S

    my puppies first visit was about 120.
    even my full grown dogs last visit was a 140 bucks.
    Different vets vary in price though.
    Breeders usually just have the pup checked for a clean bill of health to prove the dog is not unhealthy,you are usually responsible for the rest. you should get the papers from the breeder to show to your vet,because if your dont have those records,the puppy will have to go through everything all over again and it will be more expensive.

  • Amanda

    My intial visits with a new puppy are always around $100. They charge a small fee to simply start a chart on the new pet, plus a few shots/vaccines. Don’t forget the heartworm medication every month! Most people don’t realize how important it is! (Lost a dog to heartworms) Good luck with your new pup!

  • Trixiegirl

    do u know how many dogs and puppies they have to kill in shealters? u should get a puppy from a pound or shealter instead of a breeder. as far as check-ups cost im not sure sry

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