What shots are included in the first puppy shots and how much do they normally cost?

I am fixing to get a puppy for the first time. I was told that the dog has been dewormed, and that all it needs is first puppy shots. I was wondering what all the first puppy shots included, and how much they would approximately cost.

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  • clarity

    Call a veterinarian in your area and ask about puppy shots and their cost. It would be good to go on and develop a relationship with a vet. Your puppy will be more comfortable.

  • alison_renee21

    When I got my puppy I went to my local tractor supply store. they sold lots of animal supplies and vaccinations. I got my puppies vaccination for around 5 dollars which is much cheaper than going to the vet. It is all in one syringe and easy to use and do yourself. the only vaccine I couldn’t get from there is a rabies vaccination, you have to go to the vet for that.
    Hopes that helps

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