Where can I find those pop cap things you can throw on the ground to make loud noises?

I’m a dog trainer trying to rehabilitate a dog that is incredibly fearful of loud noises. This is the first step in acclimating him to loud noises that are within our control. If we take him to a loud environment where we don’t have control of the sounds he will shut down. Thanks!

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  • tom l

    as a professional dog trainer, you should have no problem adapting this little training program to suit the individual dogs needs. Think "concepts"

    But I just toss a choke chain against the baseboard of a wall to do the same as you have in mind.


  • go to petco or petsmart they will have that stuff!


    fireworks store,some convenient stores

  • Try a pop gun from any toy store. Also try adding things to the doors so when they are used they make noise. It becomes a natural thing to know the noise mean someone is coming to play. Basic Pavlovian stuff.

  • oliver_lilly_miley_hannah

    you can probaly but them at any firecracker store GOOD LUCK!!!

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