Where should I take my puppy for training classes?

I live in South Florida and have a 6 month old beagle puppy that is extremely stubborn. I never took him to puppy classes and I want to start. I mainly need to teach him to stay, and come when I tell him to, and not run out the door if he sees it open. I’ve heard of PetCo and PetSmart puppy classes but not always with the best reviews. Does anyone know of any other puppy training? To be more specific, I’m looking around the Coconut Creek/Boca area. Thanks!

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  • Single Worker 1230

    Ask for a referral from your vet, groomer, boarding kennel, and/or friends. There are many kennel clubs throughout Florida. Many of them offer training classes taught by knowledgeable instructors. Below are some website that have trainers listed around the country.

  • Adrian77live

    switch whipping 101 or the pound 101

  • Mrs.Durossndamaken

    I don’t live around there, but the best places ive look for my terrier is the phone book and google. I also asked around my coworkers and they told me some places. Petsmart and Petco just show you the basics and then your on your own. If you want a one on one trainer, there should be some professionals who are willing to help you.
    Hope this helps 🙂
    PS: I also looked in Youtube!!! There are lots of people who posts videos that works for them. Why not try it yourself?

  • Casey

    Our S.P.C.A. has dog training classes. You could try yours. Beagle’s are hard to train so good lock with that.

  • bluebonnetgranny

    You are right Petco & Petsmart are not good places to take your dog for training. I stayed to watch a session a couple of times just to see how they go about it. From what I saw all you got was verbal instructions & your dog is trained at home from those verbal instructions.

    There are lots of sites on the internet that will take you step by step in obedience training.

    Here are a list of sites you can look up.
    Puppy obedience
    Puppy training
    Basic obedience commands
    Potty training a puppy
    House breaking a puppy
    Stop puppy biting
    Fun tricks to teach your dog.

    If you cannot find a place where they put the dogs through their paces you can do this your self.

  • Ask at your vet’s office, feed stores, or look for a CGC trainer online at AKC.org

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