Which is cuter? Kittens or Puppies?

I think puppies are the cutest.

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  • girl outta my mind

    puppies are like the cutest things ever!!!!! u wanna c mine????

  • Kevin F

    Kittens, no doubt.


  • Andrea R

    Cows are cuter than both of them! 🙂

  • <3 grace <3


  • amanda k

    both 🙂

  • Little Miss. Nice Girl <3

    puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cats are butt ugly!

  • LoveMe*

    well i like puppies but they both are pretty cute.

  • Puppies, totally. Cats smell weird.

  • tearz.dnt.fal

    Puppies but cats are WAY better

  • Kittens. they get the sillies a lot and it’s hilarious to watch them get all nutty

  • i_did_it_and_im_blaming_u

    i think kittens,idk they r just so tiny n fury n fragile. lil furballs of fun.

  • Ms.Cherry

    Puppies. They are so playful and innocent.

  • Puppies alllll the way. 😀

  • Puppies. They are just soooooooo cute. I love there checks. My dog always wants a belly rub. She is sooo small.

  • Shampoo!

    It depends, I love tabby kittens and Ragdoll kittens! They’re super cute!
    But I can’t get over how cute pug and King Charles spaniels are!

    So… puppies!!

  • Blue_Stars


  • __Jean

    Kittens. They’re also less annoying.

  • Jenna

    Definitely puppies!!!

  • Megan

    I think kittens are cuter <3

  • Kara P

    puppies, but i also love kittens

  • i am torn between the two the both really cute depending on their breed!

  • Katie b

    but it depends if you would like a cat or dog in the long run ^__^

  • YoungShyCareerGirl

    Both are adorable but I’m more of a cat person (though I love dogs dearly!!)

  • Julia

    Kittens all the way!

  • Jared S


  • Anthony Reggatoni

    Whichever one I am holding at that moment, I love both and refuse to choose.

  • brutusmom

    I’ve had both, and I can’t tell you which is cuter!

    Some people are "dog" people…….
    Some people are "cat" people…….

    I’m an "animal" person………..dogs, cats, birds, cows, horses, rabbits, etc………….even fish!

    So……..since this is the "cat" section, you’ll probably get more "cat" preferences…………

    I don’t want to choose………..they’re all cute when they’re babies!!

  • captobvious1231

    that’s debatable…I say puppies

  • I♥Kittens ~ I♥Cats

    Kittens! They are so cute, they waddle around. Then they try and jump and fall over! 🙂 SO CUTE! I like dogs too though. 🙂

    Here are some videos:


  • Happy Ninja99

    defenitly puppies.I am more a dog person because of my allergies and cats always get in you way!Dogs are always humans best friends but cats are a certain way and get what they want

  • suziebear

    I am kitty mad I love them, I do have a dog who i adore to bits he is a springer spaniel and ive had him for 14yrs but i love cats as they have the funniest personalities x

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