Why do dogs hide their bones under the ground

Barking, chewing and burying bones are only some of the natural behaviors of dogs. In movies, in cartoons and in children’s books dogs are always depicted as bone-burying animals. Dog owners would know about the dog’s puzzling habit.

A dog carrying a bone on its mouth would furtively look around and try to look for the best hiding spot. Once found, the dog would frantically dig – carefully lay the bone on the hole and then cover it with dirt and soil. Do you know why your dog is burying bones Do dogs know why they are burying bones? Dog experts believe that dogs don’t really know why they bury bones as this is done instinctively by canines to survive.

It is believed that the habit of burying bones, similar to other canine behaviors is an instinctual nature that have survived in spite of domestication. From the time dogs have existed, they have been burying bones. Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years but these animals have been in existence for millions of years. The rather puzzling behavior of modern day dogs to bury bones has helped their ancestors to survive in the wild. Primitive dogs have lived difficult lives in the wild. Apart from the need to avoid the predators, dogs have to fight other animals for the prey because food is scarce.

We humans make sure that the pantry is fully stocked. Squirrels work long hours to fill their coffers with acorns and nuts. Even ants fill their anthills with food in preparation for the rainy days. Dogs are hoarders too. Food in the wild is scarce. Dogs would have to bury the food so that it cannot be discovered by other animals. The buried food will be unearthed when food is scarce. The dog will unerringly find the buried prey although it is possible that what will remain are the marrow-rich bones.

Modern day dogs no longer need to hunt as food is regularly provided by the owner. Dogs need not bury bones to survive but they do because it is an instinctive behavior. The ingrained habit makes dogs dig holes to hide their bounty. A dog may not dig holes but food will be hidden on its crate or on its bed. Dogs are pampered pets and in the eyes of doting pet parents, the dog can do nothing wrong thus the inclination to dig and to bury bones and other food items will be forgiven even if the dog has destroyed the well manicured lawn.

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