Why do we train dogs?

Some people think that training is to teach the dog some skills and tricks but this is not the actual purpose and benefit of training.

Instead training is a very good and effective method to build a very understanding and effective relationship with your dog. When you bring your dog home, training starts from very first day.


Your dog watches your actions and he notices your reactions to his gestures. He depends upon you for health, food, warmth and other essentials. To make training effective and easier, you need to develop trust, a mutual trust.


Your dog should trust you and you should trust your dog for certain things. This trust also ensures that there is a certain level of confidence in you and your dog’s relationship. This confidence should be such that when you say “come” then, you should be sure that your dog will come to you and your dog should also know that if I go then, I will rewarded.

A relationship which is made on this trust and confidence is then needed to be nourished and looked after.


You need to know that  your dog is an animal after all and you need to constantly remind him of all the tricks and skills.


Some people teach a certain skill for a week and then stop but this is not the right idea as your dog will forget it. You should make it your daily habit to teach something to your dog no matter how old that trick is but you need to keep reminding him.


No matter what their breed is  dogs will always have some behavioral problems and you will need to correct those problems effectively with training.


Your dog can have the habit of barking at everyone who passes by, digging your lawn, chewing your favorite pillow and many others but these are natural animal habits and you need to make sure that your dog gets rid of them as soon as possible.


There is no other solution to altering these habits but to train them.


http://order0105.doggyd4n.hop.clickbank.net/?rd=easy-wayWhen you create a mutual trust and confidence bond then your dog will try and discover  which of his actions are acceptable and which are not.


With proper and effective training, you can make sure that your dog has no behavioral problem and even if he has any then, you rectify those problems with training.




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