Busting The 10 Biggest Dog Training Myths.


There is just so much conflicting and confusing information on dog training out there on the net. Most of it is just plain rubbish.
So For that very reason I have decided to get a few things clear and look into some of the most common misunderstood topics out there. Here are the first three dog training myths

1. Dog training takes loads of time

-That is just not true…

When you actually know what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve then dog training is incredibly simple. There is no need to spend hours at dog obedience classes, walking up and down and round and round in circles in the rain… sounds daft …and this is old school training.

For the majority of our dogs this is just not necessary and for you and the dog it is a waste of time. If you are participating in an activity like this and still having problems with your dog then there is obviously something wrong with the basics. Dogs are uncomplicated animals, they simply love to walk and exercise at least once a day and for great periods of time a happy dog will also like to sleep for long periods.


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2. There is only one pack leader in the home

– Dogs can actually respect all the humans in the home and will see them as pack leaders if you train them that way from the beginning. I personally feel that its important for your dog to respect everyone so that when others in the house issue commands they will listen. The theory that a dog has only have one master is just not true.
Dogs will respect the people in the house who are calm and gentle and know how to handle dogs more than those who don’t.

A great site where you can watch how to become the pack leader is Doggy Dan’s dog training site here

3. Attending puppy school is essential

– Puppy school is not as big a deal as many owners think. In all honesty many puppy schools are not the great investment people make them out to be. Many owners rush off to the local class with their new puppies where all they do is sit around with a couple of other puppies for an hour a week and actually learn very little. After 4 weeks, the puppy owners feel that they have now “graduated” from puppy class but in reality have learned nothing more than a “sit” command and of course met a few other pups. Unfortunately much of the important training is left out.

4. Good Quality dog training is expensive-

One of the best dog and puppy training packages online is at a price that anyone can afford. Most people spend a fortune for poor advice just because they don’t know where to go to get the really good training. Many dog owners will spent thousands on training courses such as
pre-puppy school
puppy school
dog obedience classes
dog behaviorists

and the sad fact is they still have nightmare issues with their dog.
The reason is that they still have not come across any really good quality dog training.
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