Cannot get rid of dogs ticks?

My mom has a 2 yr old Boxer. She has a yard with very thin/little grass. Her dog mainly stays in her kennel or at the backdoor. In the last few mos she has become infested in ticks. Its the baby brownish/red ones (groomer said brown dog ticks I think) and the greenish/gray egg pockets or "engorged females". The egg pockets are all down her ear canal and my husband and I dipped her tonight. I am 6 mos pregnant and am now worried about that dip getting in my eyes or in my skin. Anyways, she has tried K9 Advantix, diatomaceous earth (worked for a while and now they are immune to it), Sevin brand yard products, Adams, and now the Adams dip. She has an exterminator coming next Weds and has 2 dips scheduled for the groomer. They keep coming back. There are no dead trees, no recent tree removal or trims, nothing rotting in the yard, and she really doesn’t go anywhere but near the house. The 6 cats do not have ticks. She has not taken her to the vet but I hope she will tomorrow. What can we do about this problem? The dog moans and groans and is losing energy. They are so bad that about 300 were dead in the tub tonight and they make her bleed from biting her so hard.
The dog has hundreds on her. They are under her arm pits, legs, chest, in between her toes, etc. They are ticks, I am not stupid.

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