do dogs dislike being in a crate?

is it cruel to crate a dog?

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  • finnigan

    i do not think my dog disliked the crate and i do not think it is cruel … i crated my older dog from 8 weeks to 1 year old four hours a day, four days a week (never overnight) … around 8 months old i would close the crate door but not latch it and the pup was still in the crate every single time when i got home when she could have just walked out … on her 1 year birthday i took the door off completely and she still used it until she was 7 when i bought her a nice doghouse instead for in the house … which she uses to this day … and she damaged NOTHING in my home … she was housebroken in four days with zero accidents to date (she is about to turn 13) … they do not dislike it if it is introduced properly and not over-used, and it is not cruel …

  • Carlos Gutierrez

    Of course they don’t like it. Would you like being trapped in a cage where you could bearly do as much as move your head?

  • ABCA Border Collies, not AKC!

    Not at all! Dogs LOVE crates, once they’re used to them. In the wild, dogs like to live in dens. A crate, to a dog, is just like a den. My own dog refuses to even sleep with me, she’d rather sleep in her crate.

    Look up "crate training" on google

  • No. They love the feeling of Safety which a crate provides.

    Watch your dog, rarely will it lay down, in the complete open. It will seek a quiet, unused spot, with protection on at least two sides.whenever possible. Those who say Crating a dog is like jail or punishment are idiots applying human reasoning to a dog. Single greatest issue facing our dog pets today is unknowledgable humans treating a dog, like the dog is human, which horribly confuses the dog.

    Dogs are dogs, they know dog behavior, not human. Dogs are Den animals. Den is nothing more than a hole in the ground, or some such, basically, surrounded on all sides. Just like a crate.

  • Yes Of course they dislike t!

    I don’t think it’s cruel, as long as you don’t keep them in there for a really long time!

  • hally_soboleske

    Dogs enjoy the crate (so long as it isn’t excessive)! They feel like it is their own private space, their own little doggie den. It is instinctive for them to live in a den – like wolves or coyotes. They feel safe and calm there. That being said, if a dog was never exposed to crating as a pup, they may feel confined and get nervous there. It is best to train young pups in a crate (especially good for potty training since dogs instinctively do not want to go in the same area where they sleep). They can be kept in overnight (an occasional midnight potty trip may be necessary – they will let you know by yelping), and occasionally during the day. You should not keep the pup in the crate the majority of the time as they need to be socialized, but you should leave the crate door open so they can crawl in to take a nap and feel safe.

    If dogs have never been crated and are older than pups, then you will have to give them time to adjust to the idea. You can crate them and leave the crate next to you while you watch tv. Then let them out to roam, then put them back in next to you. You can even use treats to entire them in. The crate should be near enough to you so you can hear if they need to get out to use the potty. It is appropriate to crate pets during dinner parties and holidays because the chaos can stress them, and children not trained how to deal with pets can be harmed by unwelcome contact. Once the dog gets used to it, it will feel like a safe haven.

    P.S. The crate should be big enough for a dog to stand up and turn around in comfortably, along with fitting a water bowl. A Kong toy stuffed with a favorite flavor is also a big help in getting them used to it.

  • If I leave my dogs crate open sometimes he will go and sleep in there..he likes it fine. Some dogs hate it some see it as their own personal space/den. Just depends on the dog I guess.

    And no it is not cruel at all to crate a dog as long as it is not crated 24/7.

  • I wouldn’t necessarily say it is cruel, but dogs should have a right to walk around a little and have some exercise. They do dislike being in a crate. Try something different, like a little playpen.

  • If a dog is properly crate trained they usually like their crates. My guy goes in his, on his own to nap or just chill out. People make a huge mistake when they start using crates for punishment or just keep them locked up most of the time. Used correctly they become the dogs den, their safe place.

  • musiclady

    While it isn’t inherently cruel, it has to be done right and you have to use the right kind of "crate." A large plastic airline-type kennel is better than a metal crate for several reasons. The former will seem cozy and safe to the dog once it is used to it, while the metal crate can make the dog feel trapped and exposed to danger. When I adopted my malamute, she came with three broken/missing teeth (one badly infected) because she had repeatedly chewed her way out of a metal crate. A large airline kennel would have worked much better and been safer for her. Kenneling can be a useful thing to do, and dogs will usually adapt to it very well.

  • Howler

    yeah, use a kennel, not a metal crate. put in a faux sheepskin bed, a chewy bone, and a teddy bear. your dog will love it.

  • Schannon E

    no not at all some dogs like place where they can go to just be alone in a quiet place. while i never need a crate except when traveling I have abed set up in queit cornor for her to go in I also use it for punishments but sometimes she goes in there by herself an sleeps yes i knwo i shoudln;t use it for punishments but i don;t believe in hittting dogs or children for that matter so i use time out method which works pretty well actually. but no I would set one up I normally put a pillow or something soft for them to lay on inside. Old pillows ones that are kinda old and flat work well as they a re getting reused instaed of going to a landfill lets help keep the earth green and for teh first time you can put him in thier and leave the door open so he can coem and goes as he please or don;t shut the door on when you assemble it doens;t have to be on unless you use one of the fold down cages those come assembled and just let him coem and go as he pleases and hell probably start sleeping in it. but nit isn;t unkind

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