Dog crating question?

My husband and I have 3 dogs a pomeranian, a chiweenie and we just adopted a pug mixed with lab (we think its lab) the pom and chi have always slept in the bed with us but they are both little bed hogs but since they are both so small its bareable well now the pug/lab isn’t exactly small and she is also a bed hog and all 3 dogs are up playing/barking all night together they keep waking us up so we were thinking about getting a decent size crate and keeping the dogs in it not all at the same time obviously but like one night we would put the big one in then the next night we would put the 2 smaller ones in but we feel bad and since i dont work we have never crated our dogs (except for "time out" or something but thats only for an hour at the most) the biggest dog is 25lbs so how big would the crate need to be? what should we put in there? what if they bark?

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  • Nobody

    Crates are a great way to let your dogs have their own space. It is like a kid’s bedroom, just a place that is there, where they can relax.


    The crate size depends on your dog. Based on the fact that the biggest dog is only 25 pounds, he may only need a medium crate, but you could purchase a large one if that makes you feel more comfortable. If you take your dogs to your local pet store, they can definitely help you out with sizing 🙂


    A bed. This can be a crate insert, which is usually just a flat bed. It does not have much cushion but it does help to insulate the bottom and keep your dog warm. You can leave one or two chew toys in the crate, but I don’t suggest many more than that.


    For the first few night (maybe longer, depending on your dog), they will most likely whine or bark just because it is something new. You need to just ignore them because it is like a baby. If they cry in their crib, you have to let them self soothe. If you go to them every time they whine or bark, that is just telling them that when they do that, they get exactly what they want, your attention or to be let out.

    **A crate is supposed to be like your dogs happy place. They are supposed to enjoy their crate. My Lab, when he was a puppy, we crate trained him and he would whine at night. For the first week, it was every night. Then for 2 – 3 weeks after, it was only like once or twice a week.

    Now, when it is bed time and he is tired, he will go to his crate, open the door with his nose and put himself to bed. He loves his crate and rests in it all the time.

    A trick to getting your dog to like its crate is TREATS! Every dog loves treats 🙂 The first time you put them in there, give them a chew stick. Do this every time for the first few times, then do it every other time, and less and less until they like being in their crate and they don’t need the "bribe" lol

    I really hope this helped. GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Robin

    Remember when crating them it should feel like a comfort zone and not a punishment, so make sure it is big enough for them to turn around and walk a few steps, and definitely be able to stand up in it comfortably. Put a blanket in there maybe towards the back of it. Also pick a favorite toy, or chew bone to occupy him/her. depending on how long you plan to keep them in it, maybe a bowl of water (should never be over 8 hours if at night or while at work) because they can’t hold their bladder that long. Right when they get let out, you should let them go pee and poo outside. If it is at night, keeping a light sheet covering the crate, all but the front is a good idea, it gives them that DEN type feeling. If they bark, it is best to try to ignore it by walking out of the room to let them know it isn’t going to work on getting out of it. Good luck. Ive been there with my year old lab and past dogs before. It will all work out.

  • rooster

    The best bet would be to get a larger crate that can be sectioned off, they have it for young puppies that will get bigger, a kind of ‘grow with me’ type deal. This way the larger dog will have plenty of room, but you can adjust the size for the smaller dogs. Since you have previously used the crate as a time out (something of a no-no) the smaller dogs will likely not be too happy with the idea, but with time and consistency they will learn to feel comfortable in the crate. I worry that the inequality (the dogs wont be able to reason that last night THEY were the ones on the bed) and inconsistency of the plan you may run into a lot of road blocks. Is it an option to get a couple of crates and crate them all at night? Or even just get dog beds on the floor and disallow them up on the bed at night, if you feel bad about the crates? They will probably bark and/or whine. You just have to completely ignore the behavior until it stops, if that isn’t something you can do it may not be the right tactic for you. Just put a thin mat or a dog bed in the crate and possibly a chew toy or something you know to keep them occupied. Good luck.

  • If you’re going to crate the dogs, you need to be consistent in training them with it and crating them during the night.

    You should buy separate crates and a divider. Get one for the bigger dog and one for the two smaller ones-for the smaller ones make sure the crate will be big enough to give them both proper size for each dog. Use the divider for this one so they will each still have their own space(Also get a crate that has a door on both ends). Or you can just get all three their own crates.

    Crate all of them at night. To see what size you should get, bring them to a pet supply store and ask one of the workers there to help you find a crate for each dog(or for what I suggested above).

    Keep in mind that are crate should NEVER be used as a tool for punishment. It is suppose to be a dog’s den/it’s own private area where it can relax and sleep. Only crate when you cannot supervise the dog or at night time. Adult dogs should not be crated for longer then four hour periods(except at night) and the longer they’re going to be in the more exercise they should get before going in/after coming out.

    All that should be in the crate is bedding*if you chose to, some dogs don’t like bedding and will tear it up though*

    If they bark you ignore them. When starting crate training you start at short periods in it and then increase the time they’re in it(with the door closed). You don’t let them out/talk to them if they’re barking/whining. Give them a kong or something similar when they’re in there so they get comfortable being in there.

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