Dog Fleas …get rid of them!

All dogs are extremely susceptible to fleas.

Fleas can be seen quickly moving over the dog’s skin and are particularly partial to the base of the dogs tail and behind his ears. Flea droppings look like specks of grit and are especially visible on the dog’s stomach.

Dog fleas are quite indiscriminate and will infest the clean healthy dog just as much as the dirty neglected animal. Flea bites can cause extreme irritation to the dog. Some dogs can also become allergic to the saliva which is injected into the skin when the flea bites. As well as the irritation of the flea bite fleas are also the intermediate host of the tapeworm.dogitching

At one time flea infestations were confined to the summer months but nowadays with more and more homes being centrally heated that is no longer the case. Fleas like warmth and will lay their eggs in the gap between the skirting board and the carpet, between the floorboards, in the pile of fitted carpets and in the dogs bedding and basket.

After the eggs hatch the larvae stage can remain dormant for anything up to a year if the temp is not warm enough, before jumping onto the next passing host–perhaps your dog or worse you!–for a meal. Fleas do not live on the dog but simply use him as a source of food. They will live in your home and anywhere where the dog regularly goes, such as the car.

Only fastidious attention to flea control will ensure that your dog is kept clear of these prolific parasites.

Although There are many different types of flea prevention products available from your VET I would advise you to use a natural flea treatment. A recent ASPCA warning has been issued to dog and cat owners concerning the spot on type flea and tick treatment currently being used. There have been an alarming number of dogs becoming ill and dying and so the Flea and tick treatment Industry is being scrutinized. Bear in mind that not only are the natural products non-toxic and safe but they usually are allot cheaper as well!

You must treat the home and car regularly in order to kill off the larvae and any adult fleas. As fleas like warmth areas you need to pay special attention to those areas in your home such as the carpet beneath the radiators,the settee and the bedroom. Do remember to treat all pet bedding as well. If you only treat the animal and not its environment then you will be leaving all the eggs to hatch out and re-infect the animal.

One of the best ways to prevent fleas getting a hold in your home is regular use of the vacuum cleaner. This will suck up the eggs around the edges of the carpets, before they have had a chance to hatch.

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