Has anyone used the dog crate ProSelect Empire Crate?

Hello, In researching dog crates for my escape artist / destruction designer of a dog, I was told this is the crate to get. He is an 86 lb lab and had demolished the typical "wire" crates that are sold in Petco and Petsmart.

Have you used this crate for your dog or know someone who has this crate? Let me know if this is really a very strong crate for my lab. Thanks

Here is a link to a site that has this crate.
Wanted to add. He has already been housebroken and crate trained. The reason why I have to crate him is because he has separation anxiety when left home alone. If left home alone, it is not more than 2 hours at a time. He usually comes with me most places, but the grocery store will not accept my dog in the aisles, so he has to be safely contained so that he doesn’t hurt himself or destroy the house.
Additionally, he is walked 6 – 9 times per day and exercised a lot, as it is necessary to run him several times per week.

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  • Fila Lover

    first let me say, Monica , i have been crate traing puppies and dogs for yrs as a means to house train them and it is a wonderfull way to do so and no it is not unsafe to crate a dog if you use the proper crate…it not only is to protect them but if you have a dog who has anziety problems it will also protect them and the house….
    now to your question—i have a dog who wieghs 170lbs and i am getting ready my self to get one of these cages as i also have been told they are great…my male has busted through just about every thing just to get to females that are in heat, so now i need something strong….i was told that they are very strong to with hold my dog so yours should do just fine in it as well…

  • Kiki S

    First: Congrats on crate training! A lot of people think its mean to lock up dogs in cages, but if the dog is trained properly and the crate is the right size, dogs will like being in the crate. It becomes their "safe place", where they can go if they get scared or lonely. Being in a crate keeps them safe from the electrical wiring, poisons, things they could choke on, and such that they can get into when left alone. If you’ve ever read the book "Marley and Me" you will get a firsthand accound of some of the things dogs left alone can do. Just be sure you remove your dog’s collar before you put him in the crate so he doesn’t get caught on something and choke.

    2: I love that crate – it held my german shepherd his whole life. Just remember to take off the wheels, or the dog could end up rolling around the house (don’t ask how, but its possible). It can be expensive, but it’s worth the purchase. I had the german shepherd in that crate from the day we got him to the day he died, then I gave it to my sister for her golden retriever, and she gave it to her mother in law for her chocolate lab

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