How long can u keep a dog crated?

Well I want to get a dog. And we have 2 cats. I will get a cat friendly dog but I’m really concerned that they may get in a fight while we’re gone and something will happen…

I’m gone at school. Right now it’s summer break so I want to get one now so he/she will adjust while I’m here all day. But when school starts I’ll be gone from 7:30am-3pm. So 7 and a half hours. I know how to crate train but I’m not sure I would want him cooped up that long…

I know, you’re probably thinking "Then don’t get a dog". But in the mornings me and my friend will take her dog and mine on a walk, then I leave for school, come home for another walk, do my hw, and then go out to the park for some playtime. So he’ll get over an hour of excercise daily and even more on the weekends. So he’s not just going to be in a crate all the time.

Oh, and do u think I could just buy a muzzle? Our cats are both declawed front and back and maybe I could just muzzle him during the day? But will he be able to
eat and drink?

I just need some ideas. I’d hate for something to happen…

Oh, and I was wondering, could I just put a crate in front of a doggy door? That way he can go outside to relieve himself and run and play, but then come in and lay down in his crate to cool off?

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  • Misty

    Hi there,

    I think the crate in front of the dog door is a great idea. Also, if he would have a doghouse outside, he could stay in the yard while your at school. Our dogs are out in the yard with dog houses and water during the day if we are gone, then in with us in the afternoons and evenings, and crated for bedtime.

    Good luck, and great job for thinking this through before running out to get a dog.

  • hugs not drugs(:

    put the cats and dog in different rooms while you’re gone

  • Nataly L

    Not more than 8 hours a day. So if you crate in the morning do not crate at night.

    Better solution: doggy daycare.

  • Whiteout Alaskan Malamutes

    A dog should not be crated for more than 4 hours at a time. The crate needs to be big enough for the dog to stand up and move around in. Before and after crating the dog needs at least an hour of exercise.!!

    Never keep a muzzle on a dog when you go out. If the dog needs to be sick it will suffocate on its vomit!! What a horrible death.

    To de-claw cats is simply mutulation and sould never be consicered.

    Simple keep them in seperate room and look the door (i.e. turn the key)

  • vikstar00

    doggy daycare

  • Bruised_Roses

    My jack is hyper and friendly.
    Too friendly for my cat, who thinks the dog is agreesive and they have big bad fights x.x
    get a dog from the shelter!
    I crate my hyper dog 6 hours when im gone to school, and he seems fine. But no more than 8 hours

  • Probably the dog will be a friend with the cats during the summer because you will have a 3 month age dog. The best solution is to have outdoor the dog and indoor the cats.
    Good luck.

  • monkey girl

    Crating the dog when you can not supervise him around the cat is an excellent idea! Adult dogs can be crated 6-8 hours at a time, he will be fine. Don’t leave him muzzled, that is dangerous and he won’t be able to drink water. He could also still hurt the cat with his body. Outside is not 100% safe either. Crate is the best bet and safest!

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