Is There a Connection Between Kennel Cough and Humans?


When people hear their beloved dog coughing away, it not only sounds a bit weird, but it can be very scary as well.

This is because coughing is mainly associated with humans. The truth is that there is not that big of a difference between dogs and humans when it comes to respiratory infections. Dogs suffer from respiratory discomfort as well. There has been some concern over the relationship between kennel cough and humans. While the possibility of an infection traveling between and animals and humans may at first appear confusing, there is research that supports that this is indeed the truth.

Human Bordetellosis

Humans with a weak immune system are prone to Human Bordetellosis. Although this condition is not common, it’s not rare either, and it’s effects cannot be ignored. states that this illness can be transmitted between dogs and humans through coughing. Apart from individuals with a weak immune system, children and pregnant women have been reported to be at risk of contracting kennel cough.

This disease is caused by a bacterium known as Bordetella brochiseptica. This bacterium can be compared with the Bordetella Pertussis Bacterium that leads to whooping cough. Some scientists argue that there exists no relationship between kennel cough and humans, as they hold the belief that there is no possibility of humans contracting these types of diseases.

Transmission of Kennel Cough

Air is known to be the main transmitter of kennel cough in humans. Those individuals living in dirty and poorly ventilated areas are more vulnerable to this disease than those that live in well-ventilated areas. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your environment if clean. In addition, humans should avoid interacting with infected dogs. Flu as well as bad colds are also two symptoms that are often associated with kennel cough.


Health care practitioners believe that there is no need to worry about kennel cough and humans. This is typically because prevention of these diseases is easier than treating them once they occur. Those who would like to avoid going through the troubles of being infected with kennel cough should avoid interacting with infected dogs, since the illness is airborne in nature. In case you believe you cannot avoid interacting with dogs, then you should consider vaccinating them.


some scientists argue that there is no correlation between kennel cough and humans, we can see some people having the same symptoms as their dogs do after interacting with them while they had kennel cough. The use of antibiotics has proven to be effective for treating kennel cough in humans. In order to control mild symptoms, patients are advised to use cough suppressants. Using steroids is highly discouraged, for they weaken ones immune system.

From these facts, it is clear that kennel cough has led to deterioration of health among humans and dogs. It does not matter its transmission source, all individuals have to rise to the occasion and ensure that they fight this illness.

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