Review of Dove Cresswells Dog Training Online

As a professional Hollywood North dog trainer with over 10 years of experience, Dove Cresswell has developed a set of techniques designed to speed up the process of dog training.

Dove Cresswells Dog Training Online mixes both audio and visual elements; giving dog owners the ability to hear the correct tone of voice for giving commands. The ability to view slides and correctly adjust stance or use the correct body language are another helpful tool provided.

Those who have already tried more standard dog training approaches may find more success with the unique techniques used by Dove. Short lesson plans are designed to provide effective and steady results while still being fun and flexible.banner-180-150dovecresswell

The relaxed training style allows owners to pick and choose between different training methods to find one that works best for their dog’s personality or breed.

The key to Dove’s training method is using praise and rewarding good behaviors, allowing a bond of trust to develop between pet and owner. With lessons all around 15 minutes, dog owners build up their confidence, keep their dogs interest stimulated and avoid burn out.

The program consists of 7 lessons covering common concerns faced by dog owners, including potty training, dog obedience and crate training. Additional bonuses offered with purchase offer advice on teaching fetch, respect and other areas of owner concern.

Overall, Dove has developed a well respected approach to dog training. The program has been designed to help complete novices and those with extensive experience in dog training. Most dog owners are not looking for competition style training. Instead, they want a program that will help them play, live and work with a well trained pet.

Dove’s comprehensive lessons are packed with details, teaching the “real world” basics of dog training. Dove states that her program provides results in just a few days; quickly eliminating excess whining, barking, howling, begging and other disobedience behaviors.

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