Why is it OK to train a cat by squirting it with water but not OK to train a dog by squirting it with water?

Any GOOD dog trainer will tell you that it’s bad to punish a dog by squirting it with water. What I don’t understand is why it’s OK to do punish cats the same way. WHY? Why is OK to squirt cats but bad to squirt dogs? It makes no sense.

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  • Julie D.

    I’ve used a squirt bottle on several different dogs. I don’t see any big deal at all, of course unless it’s a dog that happens to like being squirted. That would defeat the purpose. In fact, I also happen to have a cat that LIKES water.

  • Lucy Kaskel

    Cats do not like water so it teaches them to do what you say or else they will get squirted, which they don’t like. Dogs like water so spraying them with water doesn’t do anything. You should train a dog with treats not water.

  • Julie

    i think it is because cats don’t like water but dogs are. cats will try to stay away from water. but dogs like to run in sprinklers or even swim. so it really won’t do much to squirt a dog with water. they might just lick it and think if they want water they do whatever you punished them for.

    my best guess. hope it helped

  • Debbie

    I have no idea. I’ve know lots of people that use squirt bottles on dogs FOR CERTAIN THINGS. Like excessive barking in a crate, for instance. Not for things like refusing to sit, or down. It’s like any other tool. It can be misused.

  • greygarious

    Neither dogs nor cats like being squirted with water. It’s benign and I’ve never heard of a trainer saying it’s bad. Both my cats and my dogs don’t even need to be squirted anymore – all I have to do is pick up the spray bottle.

  • mammadukes

    my puppy loved to be squirted with water, so i taught her with postive reinforcement..a clicker and some good treats and she has my full attention!

  • jkc92618

    Who says that a GOOD dog trainer says it’s bad? Doesn’t sound like a good one to me. You certainly CAN use water to squirt your dog. I’ve even heard of putting in a little bit of vinegar. You just don’t shoot their face, aim for the feet or butt.

  • anonymous

    I squirt my puppy with water. He hates being sprayed so he listens.

  • ragapple

    umm the obedience class I am in produces High in trial obedience dogs and the trainer (who qualifies as good in my mind) carries a squirt bottle in a belt pouch for out of control novice handled dogs and I have seen her use it…
    soo what makes no sense is your first sentence

  • Juan miguel Bautista

    Almost all dogs love water. So squirting water to their face will make them think that you are playing with them and the tendency is they will lose their focus.

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